Thanks to the generousity and support from Caudwell Children we are have received funding for a new chair for one of our younfest players, William Hopkins.




Club Chairman, Ian Lloyd, has said “Caudwell Children is an amazing charity who provides a wide range of specialist mobility for disabled and autistic children/young people. They have so far funded chairs for two other players and each one has improved the players performance and confidence. We are extremely grateful to them for their support.”

We caught up with William’s mum, Claire who is still smiling several days after receiving the chair.

Wow what can we say apart from a huge thank you to the Cauldwell children’s charity… they have kindly donated to William a Rugby wheelchair…and it’s amazing… 

Williams been playing wheel chair rugby for Canterbury Hellfire for the past year and it’s changing his life… they kindly allowed him to use a club chair which has served its cause in allowing William to find a new passion and competitive sport… however the chair was too big for him and although hesitances such confidence to the game this new chair of Williams is going to be a massive game changer for him!!! He’s better positioned and it fits correctly which is going to allow him to improve and hopefully achieve his dreams of maybe one day playing for GB!!! Without this help from Cauldwell donation we wouldn’t have been able to get him a chair that’s going to help him improve his game and achieve his dreams… as a mum I’m truely grateful and appreciative… his smile says it all as you can see …. Many thanks again Claire and William 

Please take a look at the amazing work Caudwell do on their website at