Hellfire wheelchair rugby club was founded, built and kept alive by former chairman Brian Pitchford. Following his death the club has had to rebuild and find its feet again, making mistakes and learning from them along the way. His leadership is almost impossible to beat and we would be foulish to try. He lived Hellfire. He was Hellfire. We miss him and think about him all the time. 

At Canterbury Rugby Clubs AGM back in August 2023 we were very, very proud to agree that Brian should received a posthumous life membership to the club, joining current Chairman Ian Lloyd, who is extremley proud to also be a life member. It was the very least we could do for someone who gave so much but asked for nothing personally other than be part of the team.

There is a tradition at Canterbury Rugby club where new life members join in at a lunch and receive an exclusive gift of a life member scarf, so, with a posthumous award we were very, very proud that members of Brian’s family honoured us to accept his scarf.  

We must also thank wholeheartly Brian’s daughter Claire who donated a holiday to be auctioned off during the lunch with the proceeds going to Canterbury Hellfire. Our extended family at Canterbury Rugby bidded on the holiday and raised £600 for club funds, which we hope to use to design new playing shirts or vests so we can have, in a small way, Brian with us when we play.

Photos taken by Phillipa Hilton, another life member, to whom we are always grateful.